Documenting construction progress and quantities of completed or installed items such as grading/excavation, trenching, concrete, walls, asphalt etc. Can be time consuming and often an approximation that can result in over or under billing.

Using Orthophotos along with other services offered by Volo Pervidi our clients can make sure their progress is efficiently and precisely documented. This is an effective tool for mitigating construction and schedule claims through measurable progress documentation and for resolving any quantity and billing discrepancies.   



Did you know that per the American Land Title Association (ALTA), rectified orthophotography and phtogrammetric mapping can be used as the basis for showing the location of certain features.  

Acquiring ALTA's using drone mapping and drone surveyingshows all stakeholders the current condition of various items on a property that would be much more difficult to express with just line work and notes on a CAD drawing. This gives a clear and concise record of the property with all features to scale from the project boundary.

Drone Mapping 

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