Volo Pervidi offers cutting edge and affordable aerial drone LiDAR.

Using the latest and most advanced Inertial Measurement Unit instrumentation combined with RTK satellite positioning Volo Pervidi is able to offer LiDAR Data from Drones that is both accurate and dense. This allows us to offer an aerial solution when vegetation and other constraints will not allow for photogrammetric applications. Our Drone Aerial LiDAR provides our clients with accurate data in vegetated and remote areas. The efficiency of collection can be much more timely and cost effective than multiple ground setups that require additional post processing to ensure a uniform point cloud. LiDAR from Drone can be done at a price for smaller stretches and projects that would have precluded them from using traditional manned aerial LiDAR.

What is LIDAR?

LiDAR which stands for Light Detection And Ranging, works by emitting laser pulses into many, accurately defined directions in rapids succession. Measuring the time it takes for each laser-pulse to be reflected and returned to the LiDAR-scanner and then by fusing that returned pulse with the accurate world-position of the scanner at that time allows for that point to be identified in 3D space.

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A few of our success stories:

Taos and Santa Fe

Highlights: Remote location, high valley walls, not large enough for manned operations.

Our Aerial Drone LiDAR capability has allowed us to provide multiple clients with efficient and accurate Topographic data in areas that would be hazardous or extremely inefficient to capture traditionally. Also the smaller size of these projects also precluded the ability to use traditional manned aerial LiDAR.

The dual return capability of the LiDAR unit and data collection of 750,000 points per second allows for greater point density at ground level where it truly matters.

I25 & Cerillos

Highlights: High precision LiDAR and Monitoring.

Volo Pervidi LLC recently completed a project in which a terrestrial LiDAR scan of a bridge deck installation was needed to identify surface irregularities and SAG at a central joint. We were asked to deliver 1/8’ contours of the deck to identify any abnormalities as a result of improper installation. These hyper accurate measurements were exactly what was needed to reach a solution to have the contractor correct the installation.

I-25 drainage at La Bajada

Highlights combo of LiDAR and Photogrammetry

With drainage and erosion issues being observed on the interstate, Volo Pervidi LLC was hired to perform multiple Drone LiDAR surveys and aerial photogrammetry surveys to monitor the interstate for local and global movement. 

Photogrammetry of the area was completed using a sensefly eBee and Drone LiDAR capture of the project was completed using a velodyne HD32E and KVH FOG IMU. To safely complete the project a lane drop was coordinated for a small 2 hour window and all necessary drone LiDAR Data was collected.  

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