FAA Authorized

As the first company in New Mexico authorized by the FAA to use sUAS/UAV's also known as Drones for Surveying & Remote Sensing Practices, Volo Pervidi LLC looks forward to providing you with stunning, accurate, and timely data that can help to speed up your project cycle, minimize safety and risk concerns, and increase your bottom line.


Time & Accuracy

land surveying services drone mapping drone surveying plats of topography

Drone Surveying

At VOLO PERVIDI, our ownership and management team is comprised of professional engineers, surveyors, developers, construction managers, and finance professionals. We understand the importance of accurate, on-time, and cost effective solutions and have the expertise to manage and interpret the data that matters to increase your bottom line.


Volo Pervidi LLC has been issued a section 333 exemption by the FAA for multiple platforms across a wide array of services. For more information please contact us.